LED Ultrasonic Diffuser - Dark Wood with Bluetooth Speaker (AR12)

LED Ultrasonic Diffuser - Dark Wood with Bluetooth Speaker (AR12)

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LED Ultrasonic Diffuser Speaker

The new way to safely diffuse fragrances into the home, while also adding moisture to the air, this design will transform your space with uplifting fragrances at the touch of a button.

Our diffusers will automatically shut off at the end of each time set or when the water runs dry.

Multi LED colour changing diffuser.
7 colour setting, various mist settings.

Play your favourite music directly from your phone, iPad or any other device via connecting through Bluetooth.

Supplied in a colour picture box, adapter and plug supplied.

For best results use with our collection of essential oils
Unlike other Aroma Diffusers, this utilizes electronic frequencies to cause a small ceramic disc under the surface of the water to vibrate. This breaks the essential oils into tiny particles, dispersing the oil into a fine mist and creating greater fragrance concentration. They use virtually no heat energy and they will cut off as soon as the water tank is empty. 

For best results use with our our specially formulated essential oils available in 18 fragrances